Learning In System Algorithms



Ground Systems

LISA's engineers benefit from solid experience in managing the requirements from highly demanding industries. Their involvement in the digital transformation of vital infrastructures, manufacturing plants, and ground mobility systems, provides a deep understanding of customer faced challenges in highly controlled and competitive environments. Thanks to solid cyber-physical system engineering skills, excellent data science capabilities and unique operational knowledge, we make the digital challenge an exciting journey to our customers.

Aerial Systems

Aerial Systems are in the DNA of LISA company. Our team members are aviators apart from being  recognized aerospace engineers. They have experienced the levels of safety and security requirements which characterize aviation sector. Besides this, they have developed extra-ordinary skills in computing and data science, which makes them trustworthy allies to customers in their move towards intelligent aircraft systems. Combined with ground systems engineering expertise, this competence paves our way to visionary designs for aviation systems of systems.

Space Systems

It is no surprise that after experiencing the thrill of flight, our people have turned to space with equal passion and determination. As the new space emerges, borrowing the economic aggressiveness of commercial computing together with the severity of aerospace environments, the competence mix which is ours, reveals essential. With unmatched AI skills and rare aerospace knowledge, we can solve problems which the conventional industries fail to address. Whether you are a system integrator or a service provider, with LISA, you have a chance to take the advantage in space.



S1 Safety

LISA owns unique skills in fields of physical and cyber-security, meeting the requirements of highly sensitive businesses such as critical infrastructure protection. Our security services span from maturity assessment to security monitoring and incident response. The combination of unique human expertise and robust machine learning techniques makes us both more accurate in threat prediction and less expensive than conventional security services. The combination with our safety skills, helps us solving customers’ safety/security dilemma.

S2 Security

LISA provides value added expertise in system safety, proven by strong customer references in manufacturing, automotive and aerospace. The safety offering spans from risk analysis to predictive maintenance, leveraging a unique mix of Human Intelligence (HI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Not only do we master the use of AI for enforcing system safety, but we also provide trustworthy machine learning development methodologies and validation techniques as  a mean for a safe digital transformation or our clients' industry.

S3 Sustainability

LISA deploys a strategic competence to support customers in their efforts towards a more sustainable society. In particular, we leverage engineering skills in field of energy and power systems to achieve energy efficiency improvements through intelligent digitization of demanding industries. Our analytics also support optimized product lifecycle management, leading to waste reduction and enabling circular economic cycles. The synergy with our safety and security skills provides a unique advantage for our customers to ally present performance and projection into the future.



S3aaS on Device

LISA's engineers have pioneered the development of smart sensors and devices now commonly called Internet of Things (IoT). This came from the convergence of initially antagonist technologies stemming on the one hand from the open and insecure world of Internet, on the other hand from the closed controlled world of industrial automation. From this experience, we take our ability to perform vital functions as low as the end device. For this, we leverage unique knowledge of IoT oriented OS and AI techniques compatible with low power and processing constraints. 

S3aaS at the Edge

It is of good practice for sensitive industries to minimize data exposure over the internet. On the other hand, mutualizing resources and federating services across sites, business units or vehicles can give a serious competitive advantage to an organization adopting cloud services. Therefore, LISA helps companies deploying time sensitive data services at the edge of their network. By the use of intelligent dynamic distributed computing techniques, we give our customers the benefits of the cloud together with the security of on-premise data processing techniques.

S3aaS on Cloud

Why should every industry become a computing company?  You want to remain in your core business? You need experts to care for your data. This is why LISA provides you with and integrative data service that spans across safety, security and  sustainability uses. With S3aaS on Cloud, we manage the complexity of the data, you take the value of it. The cloud offering provides enhanced  intelligence at lower cost with substantial benefits in terms of safety, security and sustainability . Our encryption and segregation techniques provide confidentiality assurance beyond any private solution.