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Data Science 

LISA Group is a fast growing american originated tech company known for Intelligent analytics soloutions and learning algorithms. The knowledge of the company is not limited to smart maintenance, but offers platforms according to customer’s need. For example Internet based Entertainment system for airborne equipment, and plug and play data recording & analytics for cabin maintenance. 

Artificial Intelligence

Modern Brands are going to equip themselves more and more and transform creative and innovative ideas and put them into realistic solutions in production. However respective to the High-Tech Research Projects, we are aiming for an E2E solution in order to bring value to their companies in multiple fields such within short time, as GIGA Hub, an intelligent tool for Overall Health Management. 

Cyber Security

Cyber security today is more than security by design. Verification in Aviation and Aerospace industry is one of the most complex issues facing innovation. Indeed, we offer autonomous security bot deployment, intelligent did, and testing and verification environments for an overall V&V process and maintaining it up to a high security for your data and communication architecture.

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Aviation & Space

Autonomy makes things easier also in Aerospace. We have tried it and it Enables Cabin Maintenance and helps your onboard systems work better, stay updated, and run faster and stoppless in such fast growing world of aviation.

Cyber Manufacturing

Our ability to create design intelligent platforms, Autonomous Robots, that can function over cloud and another robot on top that makes sure it all runs safe and secure, - is our special dish. Let your brains solve the important problems.  

Medical Research 

Use of Intelligence Systems reduces human failures in the laboratory tests and understanding of virus could give you a higher speed , accuracy and power to understand mutations, sequences and more.


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We employ people from different nations and cultures. Through our actions, we want to give our company in all their diversity a unified face. To join us you should send your application to following address,


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