Press Release: LISA Giga hub opens IAMA eyes for using AI in aircraft design and certification

Sabina Baircu

May 19 2020

LISA Giga hub opens IAMA eyes for using AI in aircraft design and certification

The envisioned system is a complex one but must be a scalable solution to perform advanced data mining including Natural Language Processing with the purpose of limiting unforeseen certification gaps at the end of the design process and therewith improve the cooperation between CVEs, Design Offices and Authorities. This will be hosted on LISA GIGA Hub as a new application.

LISA’s Aviation GIGA Hub is a data management platform with troubleshooting apps and prognostics features. The new tool-set will start with an application which takes a modification statement and guides the user through the process, while identifying differing rules and bilaterals in place between multiple authorities making use of published documents and available historic data of the user.

For more information on the Artificial intelligence roadmap of EASA:

About LISA
LISA Group is a fast growing tech company, active in over 5 countries for Intelligent Systems and learning algorithms. In Europe, LISA Deutschland GmbH is not only to support the European customers with aviation and aerospace consulting, but to provide End 2 End predictive maintenance solutions and tailored platforms to the customers’ needs, for example, plug and play data recording and analytics for cabin maintenance. Fact is that the next generation of space and aircraft operation will be the result of multiple worlds colliding: when application development meets artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data analytics, intelligent apps are the outcome. Put simply, these are applications that continually learn from user interactions in Cabin, Aircraft and Space operations are just other data sources to become even more relevant and useful. This is a wave LISA transforms to Business, to educates and learn in the system algorithms. Setting the standards for predictive maintenance and Simply Empowering the Future with Intelligence. LISA’s Aviation GIGA Hub is a data management platform with Troubleshooting apps and prognostics features. As a result of our multiple partnerships such as the project named MediWise and Cyber Factory we offer Advanced Artificial Intelligence micro-services in multiple industries including Healthcare, Aviation and Space Intelligence and aim to create integrity but also a data management platform.

About IAMA

We at IAMA, the Independent Aircraft Modifier Alliance, are advocates and supporters of member companies in the aircraft retrofit modification market. We are educators, identifying and highlighting value of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) within the aircraft lifecycle. We collaborate to develop standards that streamline communications and documentation within approved STC modification projects. To ensure that effective modernizations meet aircraft operator and owner requirements, we endorse STC-approved solutions. Founded by retrofit market leaders, we believe an independent, transparent market is a strong market that will benefit everyone. To learn more and join, visit: