Flight Director Advisory App.

Flight Directors are historically well known for making difficult calls and guiding the crew through “Houston, we’ve had a problem” situations, but in all spaceflight operations, they are ultimately responsible for the success of the mission, as Flight Controllers who actually do the job. 

At NASA, the Flight directors should have been a flight controller before and in the room with tight shifts and multiple tasks. As we know from experience "checking, and checking" is one of the most straight forward tip to be a successful FD.

Certainly 4 -eye principles would help reducing these failures in hard times. Scientific Studies presented in the IAC in 2018 have proven using LISA applications based on Artificial Intelligence. The case demonstrates setting up a proper knowledge base to advise the flight director on different SOPs with a live backlog of information from recent happenings to support the success of the missions. Currently this is a Project pursued with space and satellite manufactures to perform more use cases. 


Flight Controller room -Astronaut Training Center Innsbruck - copyright OeWF