Aviation GIGA Hub

Aviation GIGA Hub is a data management platform with Troubleshooting apps and prognostics features . As a result of one of our partnerships together with Bosch we offer Advanced Analytics services on low costs to Airlines and MRO, but also a data management platform. This enables them to store such as cleansing, maintain and perform advanced data mining. Reduced AOG, and keeping your aircraft downtime as low as possible are only first benefits of moving towards digital MRO.


LISA GIGA Hub is a joint product between Bosch and LISA for ARINC 429 and many data lines decoding, cleansing and more. It is powerful. You can manage the whole data pipeline in one solution using dynamic data communication.

  • Customised Data collection: Seamlessly ingest your data via a standard ARCAS-specific SITA IATA API. Send your data to us.

  • Competitive Advantage: We are not dependant to any Airline or MRO, and as you go with us, you can keep the competitive advantages you create, information you extract from your data for yourself!

  • Security: Store raw and processed data in a highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Technical Scalability: with Data.hub you can start small and go full power within seconds. 

  • Technical Architecture: 

GIGA HUB Architecture.png


  • Low Costs compared to our competitors, we offer very attractive offers to co-create and manage your data. 

  • Integration and Flexibility: connect and integrate your Stock information to your executive dashboard, and feed in your 3rd party customer applications. 

  • Complexity in ownership: aircraft topologies and failure anomaly deletion are done at massive speed. In this complex game, we make sure you have control and you own your data! (We know it is your data and it always remain yours) 

LISA Data.hub is Available for mixed fleet. The horizon yours. We are looking for partners for take this to the next level. Excited to know who is in the game with us already? Contact us now.