Implementation of a unique Health Management System demands a comprehensive Data Science activity  to identify and correct algorithms, categorize all the key parameters  from available aircraft systems technologies, functions and elements to ensure the health of the future aircraft, within the context of a feasible approach beside validadablity for the aviation authorities. 

Nevertheless, each stakeholder has its own requirements, and tools that can be integrated or interfaced with LISA Digital Data Hub or the X- Health Dashboard. There are drastic roadblocks for the technology feasibility such as data handling., but use of Artificial intelligence and cognitive system (for instance unsupervised learning algorithms) .

LISA's X Health App brings the theory and technical view on aircraft architecture from existing camera, and aircraft data using automated clustering. All these parameters are integrated into one system in order to get the best prediction planning for the use of Airlines and other stakeholders.

FAA states about 67% of the incidents were caused by a combination of system and component failure and malfunction, fire/smoke, and power loss.