Intelligent Geo Data Analytics

Connecting Geo Data to Intelligent Decisions 

This image of San Francisco, California is analysed by an accuracy of millimetre to shows how radar pictures overtime in combination with advanced analytics tools can distinguishes a usual change in the horizontal movements. 

Downtown San Francisco is at the center and the city of Oakland is at the right across the San Francisco Bay. Some city areas, such as the South of Market, called the SOMA district in San Francisco, appear bright red due to the alignment of streets and buildings to the incoming radar beam. Various bridges in the area are also visible including the Golden Gate Bridge (left center) at the opening of San Francisco Bay, the Bay Bridge (right center) connecting San Francisco and Oakland, and this bridge has been moving an extra 1.1 compared to its usual threshold as an example of identification.  


Two major faults bounding the San Francisco-Oakland urban areas are visible on this image. The San Andreas fault, on the San Francisco peninsula, is seen in the lower left of the image. The fault trace is the straight feature filled with linear reservoirs which appear dark. The Hayward fault is the straight feature on the right side of the image between the urban areas and the hillier terrain to the east. The image is about 42 kilometers by 58 kilometers (26 miles by 36 miles) with north toward the upper right. This area is centered at 37.83 degrees north latitude, 122.38 degrees east longitude. 


Spaceborne Imaging Over San Francisco analysed by Autonomous Analytics as a demo
(Original Image credit: NASA/JPL)