GIGA Hub, your  Digital dreams powered by AI 

LISA GIGA Hub is a highly flexible and customisable analytics platform that creates integrity in your Hospital and Medical Praxis. Several modules of this product is developed under a partnerships with great companies such as Bosch IO or IBM beside the domain experts within LISA Deutschland Medical Sponsors and other existing partners of this company. The platform is Highly secure, cloud-based infrastructure for data storage which is connected to more than thousands devices across the globe.

In the current system you can upload the data to the respective user (Patient, Research Institute or Hospital or even doctor), and then write algorithms. There is also an automate way which you can apply automated data pushing, decoding, cleansing. This enables you to visualize and even build your own analytics algorithms or use the existing features with few clicks.


LISA GIGA Hub also leaves the IP and ownership of the Data to the operators and MROs. In contrast to other competitors which claim ownership of data - We are just an independent platform provider and not in competition with the airlines. 


Currently in LISA GIGA Hub there are more than 30 apps developed and ready for your use. Till end of this year with help of EU this number raises to more than 120. 


Choose your pricing and pay as you go, with flexible pricing depending on what you need. 


Building and adding new features like data decoding for your type of aircraft.


Your data is always yours and remain yours. We run data and algorithms on our platform. ensuring your IP is yours.


Our Products are unique and universal and you can install it for any aircraft and or connect to other validated systems.