History is

who we are,

why we are, 

and the way we are

                                                        - David McCullough


Alphabeta Industries Inc. (formerly LISA Group LLC and Solar Maximum LLC)  has been founded in 2014 in the state of New Mexico. The company at the time was initially founded upon the ISDC 2014 in Los Angles in which the founders received the second prize and decided to launch this company for providing intelligent energy solutions with a division of Space-Based Solar Power. 

In early 2015 they launched production in Asia with an exclusive partner producing portable solar power products for hikers. These products were being sold over eBay and Amazon around the United States. In 2016 the company has got into difficulties selling its product due to competition. The young co-founder,  Ali Baghchehsara got the lead and involved a team to analyze customer models and generate intelligent algorithms to predict sales and pre-order. 

In 2017, during his postgraduate research title - Cognitive Integration of Vehicle Health Monitoring System, he came up to combine these solutions with intelligence and presented the idea to some high level executives in Germany, where he studied. Upon the reactions, he decided to take the lead to shift the company focus to artificial intelligence services. At this time the company was renamed to LISA - The Intelligence Company.

Due to his recent move to Germany, he decided to wait and first work for some local companies, before launching a German Company as well. He joined a large aircraft manufacturing company was a recognized program manager for the executives. Mr. Baghchehsara was included in Honours List of the Royal Aeronautical Society- in a list, where its Gold medalists are such as Elon Musk, Marcel Dassault, etc. 

In 2018, during an airborne trip over north of Germany, the LISA Group idea was founded in his head, and later he officially founded LISA Deutschland GmbH with two new partners to promote Artificial Intelligence across aerospace industries and some activities in medicine. The company became quite successful with a total of $240k

Annual revenue. 

In 2020 however, the aerospace domain was hit by Corona Crisis, therefore the aviation offices in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, decided to move focus, more to Gigahub, a software framework built by LISA Group. This resulted to also rebrand the LISA Group company to Alphabeta Industries in the US. Yet the focus of the German entity remained to further Research and Develop Digital Twins on the Gigahub - an Intelligent Platform which was used to do predictive maintenance for Major Airlines, managing assets up to 50 Mio Euros worth. This is today named Gigahub AG in foundation (gigahub.io). The company is still part of the Alphabeta Industries and pursues making available integrity for companies who pursue Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, i.e. Hospitals, Public sector, Media, and agriculture industries.

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