History is

who we are,

why we are, 

and the way we are

                                                        - David McCullough


LISA Group (formerly named Solar Maximum LLC)  has been founded in 2014 in United States. The company was initially founded upon the ISDC 2014 in Los Angles in which the founders received the second prize and decided to launch this company for providing intelligent energy solutions with a division of Space Based Solar Power. 

In early 2015 they launched production in Asia with an exclusive partner producing portable solar power products for hikers. These products were being sold over eBay and Amazon around the United States. In 2016 the company has got into difficulties selling their product due to competition. The the young co-founder,  Ali Baghchehsara got the lead and involved a team to analyse customer models and generate intelligent algorithms to predict sales and pre-order. 

In 2017, during his postgraduate research title - Cognitive Integration of Vehicle Health Monitoring System, he came up to combine these solutions with intelligence and presented the idea to some high level executives in Germany, where he studied. Upon the reactions, he decided to take the lead to shift the company focus to artificial intelligence services. 

But due to his recent move to Germany, he decided to wait and first work for some local companies, before launching a German- American Company. He joined a large aircraft manufacturing company was a recognised program manager for the executives. Mr. Baghchehsara was included in Honours List of the Royal Aeronautical Society- in a list, where its Gold medalists are such as Elon Musk, Marcel Dassault, etc. 

In 2018, during an airborne trip over north of Germany, the LISA Group idea was founded in his head, and later he officially restructured Solar Maximum to LISA Group LLC. In 2019 LISA Deutschland GmbH was founded as well, with new partners to promote Artificial Intelligence across several different industries including, Medical, and the Aerospace Industry.

Currently LISA Group has offices in Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Abu Dhabi and Las Cruces, and Texas, and serves different customers ranging from Production companies and Research and Development Projects to build Digital Twins and Intelligent Platforms for Major Airlines, Hospitals, Media and agriculture companies.