Mobile Apps

Have you ever been annoyed from using 30 different software applications to give one customer AN answer? 



If your answer is yes, then you should read more. Today, unlike 15 years ago, a smartphone is functioning almost like a computer. We are daily less and less using our computers because mobile applications are very rapidly developing. 


We originally intended to use apps for productivity assistance such as email, calendar, but soon after we understood the extra added value we can create, ''Integrity'' through mobile applications by a very complex method to contact multiple databases and gather information and show them the right way to the right person. 

In the aviation area, we have used custom developed mobile apps and caused rapid expansion into other areas such as shop-floor automation, and even the aircraft critical data read. 

From a IT prospective, are several ways to develop mobile applications: 


Native app: All apps targeted toward a particular mobile platform are known as native apps. Developing native apps can provide a professional best-in-class user interface modules. It is costly but makes sense if you are aiming to get the best performance for a specific mobile operating system.  

There are other ways to develop a mobile App. The concept of hybrid and web based apps also exists, there are several platforms to use for such developments such as Xamarin, React Native, or Sencha Touch. It is fast to develop but despite such advantages, hybrid apps exhibit lower performance. Often, apps fail to bear the same look-and-feel in different mobile operating systems. In a web based mobile app, you may easily capture minimum memory space in user devices compared to native and hybrid apps. Since all the personal databases are saved on the Internet servers, users can fetch their desired data from any device through the Internet.


Today we live in a world which there are many technologies are available at the top of our fingers, but how can we bring our and your customers value, to save time and money and finish projects on time cost and quality? contact us and we run an analysis for your organisation.